Support ending for Internet Explorer 8

Dear Online World User,

The end of support for Windows XP marks the end of an era:
On May 31, 2014 we are discontinuing our support for Internet Explorer 8.

This means that the services you have registered with the MAGIX Online World will no longer be displayed in Internet Explorer 8. Instead you will see a message that redirects you to current browser versions.

To find out which version of Internet Explorer you are currently using, proceed as follows:
1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Click on “Tools” (small gear icon).
3. Select the option “About Internet Explorer” from the list.

The version you are using will be displayed.

An even easier way is to use this link (if you are using Explorer as your standard browser):

To view your Online Album in the quality you are accustomed to, switch over to a more modern and current browser:

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact our support:

Best regards,
Your MAGIX Online World Team

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Online Album Update

Dear Online Album User,

We strive to keep our products up to date with the latest technology.
Regular updates to services is part and parcel of being on the forefront of technology.

Unfortunately there were technical difficulties with the last MAGIX Online Album update.
Presets were incorrectly adjusted when cleaning the system, which led to the player export being switched on for all albums. As not every user wants to activate the player export function we addressed this issue straight away. Manually cleaning and resetting this function for individual users was not possible, the function “Embed as player” is now deactivated by default for all customers.

If, however, you do want to be able to embed your Online Album on other websites using HTML, simply change it in the album settings.



We would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

You needn’t worry about your files – they’re safe.
Despite the technical problems the security of your files was never jeopardized.

Turning off Java Applets provides increased security for Online Album Premium customers:
To increase security we deactivated Java, what’s more you can now download photos and videos as compressed zip files.

If you have any questions about the Online Album we recommend visiting our “Help & Support” site.
If you can’t find an answer to your question here, please contact our customer support team:

The MAGIX Online World Team


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Camera MX version 2.2.0 and 2.2.1 update

Dear Camera MX User,

There was a Camera MX update a few days ago. We are pleased to be able to inform you that Camera MX is now available in Portuguese.
And because it’s that time of year we’re giving away a snowflake overlay for free!

Snowflake overlay

In this update image quality can now be enhanced while editing, the preview frame rate is improved on new Nexus devices, and shutter sound deactivation has been modified.

Get more out of your photos, download the Camera MX app for free from Google Play or in the iTunes Store

Have fun!
The MAGIX Online World Team

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Xara Web Designer 9 now available in Hosting L & XL

Our most popular hosting packages – Hosting L & Hosting XL (including Web Designer 9 and Web Designer 9 Premium) – are now available to our customers in Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

People who use these Hosting packages can now trade in their old software for Version 9 for free thanks to the software update guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

To upgrade to Version 9 simply login to MAGIX Online World and navigate to the Control Center where you’ll find “Included software” link in the “Hosting” section . Here you can activate and install Web Designer 9 software by clicking on “Activate now”.

The most important improvements of Web Designer 9 at a glance:

  • Up to 60 intelligent websites including subpages and navigation.
  • The website height automatically adjusts to the page’s content.
  • Various navigation templates can be exchanged using drag & drop – all previous adjustments will be adopted.
  • Screen-filling backgrounds that fill up the spaces on the left and right of your website with textures or graphics.
  • In Web Designer 9 Premium you can choose from more than 600 different fonts – even unusual fonts can be used.
  • HD video player (HTML5 ) – Show your videos online in amazing HD quality.
  • Integrate online shops in Web Designer 9 Premium so you can sell your products on your website.
  • Embed web statistics tools (e.g. Google Analytics) to see what your visitors are interested in and when they leave your site (only in Web Designer 9 Premium).
  • Job-specific website templates for your business in the Xara Shop
  • Support for high resolution displays (e.g. Retina Display) for razor sharp websites (only in Web Designer 9 Premium)

If you want to see what Web Designer 9 is really capable of check out our demo website:

Have fun with the new Web Designer 9,
the MAGIX Online World Team!

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Online Album: Technical problems have been fixed

Since last Sunday afternoon (Oct. 6th) there have been some technical problems which have caused display errors in some services in the MAGIX Online World.
Please accept our apologies for this.

The good news is that we have managed to fix these problems and missing thumbnail images will be regenerated over the next few days.

Unfortunately our Online Album customers will have to reset their start image if they had one.
This is actually quite easy:
In your Online Media Manager click on the “Settings” button and then on “Album Design”. Here you have options for setting a start image for your album website, adding welcome text and choosing the starting view for your photo album (image overview or slideshow).

If you have any questions about your Online Album, please check out our “Help & Support” page.
If you don’t find an answer to your question there, please contact our support team:

Best regards,
Your MAGIX Online World Team

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